911 Dispatch Console Maximum Weight Capacity

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The furniture found in a 911 dispatch center is probably one of the most used equipment due to the constant physical contact. Since this type of application requires the emergency dispatcher to work with multiple LCD screens (5–6 monitors), radios, and computers a question that comes up very often from customers is, how much weight can the console handle? The answer to this question can be found in the lifting capacity of the actuators found underneath the worksurface. However, consoles designed for 911 dispatch centers often require multiple actuators due to the large work surface and equipment that must be carried making it difficult to give an exact answer. In other words, the carrying capacity of a console will vary for each project depending on the specific needs of the client. In this article, we will give you an estimate of the lifting capacity you should expect from specialized furniture vendors. We will do so by listing the common items that the console will support on a daily basis and work our way backwards.

911 Dispatch console table in a PSAP
911 Dispatch Console - Transit Series C-300


To start off, let’s consider the lifting capacity of actuators. The industry standard for this type of application is the LINAK DL Series lift columns. The maximum thrust from these actuators varies anywhere from 700–1200N depending on how vendors manufacture their consoles. Interestingly, the lifting capacity per actuator is directly linked to the quality of the workstation structure. For instance, if the console is built with high-pressure laminate work surfaces supported by a heavy-duty steel frame, the console will require more powerful actuators (1