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The EasyCinch CPU Holder helps increase productivity by increasing available workspace. The EasyCinch incorporates a strap tension device for quick and secure installation of CPUs below the work surface. An internal ratchet system provides necessary tension to the straps that hold CPUs securely in place. For horizontal CPUs, an optional adapter can be provided, spreading the non-skid feet wide to ensure a secure hold. EasyCinch swivels 360 degrees for unobstructed access to connections and is track-mounted for full retractability under the work surface.


  • Ratchet design for tightening of straps (included tool stows onboard).
  • Safety feature to prevent inadvertent release of strap tension.
  • Straps can be tightened while CPU is suspended.
  • Soft-touch feet protect surface of CPU.
  • Optional mounting brackets (Part Number 25395) easily convert for horizontal CPU installation.
  • Secure support for flat or curved CPU’s.
  • Fits most CPU’s, up to 75 lb. and 64” in perimeter.
  • Mounts underneath most work surfaces with a standard 17.75” track (included).
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included.


EasyCinchCSWSMCPU Holder support fixed underneath the worksurfaceBlack

Easy Cinch

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