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What is a Broadcast Console? (Desk, Furniture, Workstation)

Broadcast Console (Definition):

Definition: Broadcast consoles are the furniture and desks found in broadcast studios, television networks, media networks, radio control rooms, and a number of radio studios. Broadcast workstations are often custom-made to fit the needs of specific applications which require the use of multiple screens, IT equipment, and integrated cable management.

Broadcast Console Applications: For instance, some broadcast infrastructures may require their studio to have flexibility in production, audio mixing, live switching, graphics, router control, storyboarding, automation in audio, lighting, and control systems. Some of the applications include production control rooms (PCR), television broadcast studios, studios, rack rooms, audio control rooms, and editing consoles.

Types of Broadcast Consoles:

Sustema Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing custom-made furniture solutions for IT-intensive work environments. Broadcast consoles can be manufactured to integrate height-adjustable surfaces, fixed ergonomic surfaces, on-surface equipment housing, integrated cable and power management, and much more. Contact us to learn more about broadcast console prices and costs or to request a free quote.

1) Height-Adjustable Broadcast Consoles

L-Shaped and Linear broadcast consoles with integrated CPU enclosures and on-surface equipment housing.

2) Fixed Height Broadcast Consoles:

L-Shaped and Linear with integrated CPU Enclosures.

3) Height-Adjustable Broadcast Consoles (CPU Holders)


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