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Transforming Dispatch Operations: A Modern Control Room Solution for A Law Enforcement Facility

About our client:

A law enforcement facility located near a major interstate provides primary police services for several towns in two counties. This facility also offers assistance to multiple local police departments, a county sheriff's department, and a university police force in the area.

The facility patrols a significant stretch of interstate highway and oversees an outpost office in a nearby town, which is responsible for police coverage in additional towns in a neighboring county. They also provide support to other law enforcement agencies in that area.

This location houses specialized units focused on safety services, marine and snowmobile operations, and communications. It also serves as a base for various special teams' vehicles.

About the project: Client Requirements for the New Control Room

Our client's top priority was to have a communication center with a console layout designed to optimize noise reduction. They required 12 workstations - 1 for a supervisor and 11 for telecommunicators, arranged in a T-shape assembly and a pod configuration.

The client was looking for a "robust" cockpit workstation to replace their fixed-height consoles from 1997. They needed to provide an ergonomic workplace for their telecommunicators.


About the solution: Advanced Control Console Features and Accessories


We developed state-of-the-art control consoles named "Transit" to meet our client's requirements. These consoles feature:

  • Dual work surfaces with height adjustability, allowing the primary surface to serve as the main workspace while the secondary surface supports the monitors.

  • Ergonomic design accommodating users from the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.

  • Wall systems and plexiglass to create individual workspaces without isolating telecommunicators.

  • Urethane edges for comfort and fatigue reduction during long shifts.

  • Adjustable monitor arrays for depth customization.

  • Standard features include durable worksurfaces, adjustable levelers, integrated storage, efficient cable management, ergonomic lifting columns, CPU storage enclosures, and more.

  • Accessories such as articulated monitor arms, connectivity solutions, strategically placed power bars, and a retractable monument further enhance functionality.


About the results: Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort in the New Control Room


The implementation of our advanced control consoles has significantly transformed the client's control room, offering numerous benefits:

1. Durability and Aesthetics:

  • The monitor surface and worksurface, made of particleboard with HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) and PVC/urethane edging, provide a durable and visually appealing workspace.

2. Cable Management:

  • Surface frames and cable chains help route and secure power and data cables, keeping the workspace organized and preventing cable damage during surface movements.

3. Ergonomics and Adjustability:

  • Levellers allow for console height adjustment, ensuring proper ergonomics for users.

  • Lifting columns, controlled by keypads, enable easy height adjustment of the surfaces, accommodating different user preferences and promoting comfort during long shifts.

4. Storage and Organization:

  • The integrated box-file storage with 2 drawers provides convenient storage space for essential items, keeping the workspace clutter-free.

5. Privacy and Noise Reduction:

  •  Privacy walls with acoustic properties surrounding the console help reduce noise levels and provide a sense of individual space for each operator.

6. Equipment Protection and Accessibility:

  • CPU storage compartments feature steel construction, ventilation, and lockable front and rear doors, ensuring the safety and security of critical equipment.

  • CPU sliding shelves with ball bearings allow for easy access to equipment for maintenance and upgrades.

7. Environmental Comfort:

  • Control buttons for cooling fans and heaters give operators the ability to adjust the console's temperature, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

Are you building a new control center from scratch?


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