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The Latest Features in Control Room Furniture

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Over the past several decades, Sustema has aimed to deliver state of the art control room furniture built for the 24/7 work environment. Whether we’re delivering our consoles to our friends at the Department of Defense, or the heroes that work relentlessly at 911 call centers, one fundamental principal unites all of our projects; our commitment to supplying our clients with the most ergonomic and technologically advanced consoles.

User Adaptability

All of our consoles are created so that they effortlessly mold around the user and their height requirements. Our consoles come with the option to record the user’s seating position and save it into the consoles memory vault. This allows the height of the desk to adjust automatically with the simple push of a button. This means that multiple users can have their respective settings stored into the console, saving time having to adjust the height of the console every time. Being that unique employees have different body measurements and are all proportionally unique, it is of the utmost importance for Sustema’s workstations to offer fully flexible surfaces and monitor arms. In the 24/7 work environment, it is necessary for work surfaces to be able to offer an ergonomic height level for all employees whether it be in a seated position or standing one. By offering this feature, Sustema ensures that all console operators are experiencing peak comfort all while continuing to view their monitor(s) viewing angles from every position, distance, and posture.

Office Space Adaptability

The modular design of Sustema’s consoles makes it easy to adapt to future equipment changes and reconfigurations. For example, Sustema’s “Focus” console can be arranged in a U-shape format, as a standalone unit, or in multiple back-to-back, concave or convex configurations. The modular feature makes it so that every project has the potential to be designed in a manner which maximizes floor space and workflow in the work environment. It comes as no surprise that most of our clients work in fast paced environments. Whether it be 911 first responders, or military personnel, all of our control room operators must be able to react quickly in high-intensity settings and work harmoniously as a unit. That is why it’s of the uttermost importance that the layout and adaptability of all Sustema’s consoles be positioned accordingly in order for every work station to have a direct line of vision to any communal monitors and other team members.

Product Architecture

All of Sustema's consoles are made of a heavy-duty steel substructure and impact resistant high-pressure laminate for long-lasting use in 24/7 environments. Sustema’s command center furniture features ergonomic urethane edges, secured enclosures, and slatwalls to mount accessories (task lights, monitor arms, shelves). Consoles are designed to facilitate the access to equipment, power and data.

Temperature and Lighting Controls

All of Sustema’s control room consoles have the option to be integrated with a cooling, lighting, and heating system, providing users with ultimate comfort throughout the duration of their work shift. Since Sustema console users typically have longer than average work shifts, it is imperative that no detail goes overlooked. In many cases, if a control room has inadequate lighting or subpar climates, often lead employees to becoming frustrated which can increase the employee absentee rate. Enabling employees to control their own lighting and temperature at their consoles allows them to create a working environment in which they are completely comfortable, resulting in a higher level of concentration during a long and a strenuous work shifts.

As it pertains specifically to the importance of lighting at the workplace, if lighting is too luminous, then it can strain the employee’s eyes resulting in eye fatigue. The latter is especially true for employees working at night time, or in darker environments. On the flip side to that, a work environment with lighting that is too dim can be especially unsafe if and when employees need to navigate through the office, which is typically the case in the high paced environment of critical command centers. In addition, lighting that is too low, causes issues for employees when they are trying to use their respective work equipment i.e. keyboards, telephones, and other stationery supplies. With lighting taking on such an important role at the control room, Sustema’s consoles offer state of the art lighting systems (task lighting) which results in employees being able to stay concentrated on their computer monitors effortlessly. have proven to be notably crucial in control room settings due to the fact that it supports localized lighting on the most vital spaces.

At Sustema, our team of designers and engineers are constantly looking for ways to create unique features that empower users to excel in the workplace. Stay tuned for more innovative ideas and products.

Feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-455-8450 if you have any questions.



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