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Surface Anti-Collision Sensor

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Surface Anti-Collision Sensor

Sustema’s surface collision sensor is designed to protect users from accidental injuries and to prevent consoles from causing material damage in case of a collision with other equipment. The anti-collision system automatically stops the downward movement of the console surface once an obstruction is detected. When meeting a point of resistance, the height-adjustable surface returns to its original position. The surface anti-collision sensor can be installed on Sustema's products as an added feature for more safety. These products include control room consoles, 911 dispatch consoles, trading desks, technology meeting tables, and much more.

Key Properties:

  • High sensitivity for immediate activation, senses soft and hard obstacles.

  • System functions independently of load and temperature.

  • Reacts to load changes, making it sensitive to obstructions close to the lifting column.

  • Actuation Force Range: 1 lb (4.5N) - 5 lb (22N)

  • Overtravel Range: 0.040 in - 1.0 in

Contact Information

Tel: 1-800-455-8450



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