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Product Review of Sustema's IT Workbench - Integration F-500

In this video, Mark Meschino, account manager at Sustema presents the different features of the Integration F-500 workbench. Sustema's workstations offer an optimal work environment for various IT applications including computer staging, production units, IT troubleshooting & repair centers. Tech-Benches can be equipped with power bars, data ports, adjustable surfaces, monitor arms, CPU holders, ESD surfaces, and more. Workstations can be customized to serve as high-tech storage areas for data centers.

Integration is a highly versatile workbench solution designed for IT & industrial business applications. Built with heavy-duty materials and advanced technology integrations, the system can be configured side-by-side, back-to-back, in a U-shape format and lab island corner. Workstations are tailored to our client needs in terms of dimensions, design, and functionalities.

Workbench Installations

Sustema offers turnkey solutions with in-house design, manufacturing, and installation services. Our customer support and project managers will help guide you throughout the project to make sure timelines are respected.

Custom Workbench Designs

At Sustema, we take pride in offering our customers a tailored solution. Our team of industrial designers will take care of designing a custom floor plan to make sure you can have the optimal workbench configuration. Additionally, each workstation is unique and can be customized with different tools and equipment required for our client's needs. We also offer a wide array of colors and designs to make sure the furniture matches the interior design of your facility.

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Contact us at info@sustema or through our website to request a free quote! You can also book a free virtual visit to our showroom here.



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