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Height-Adjustable Industrial Workbenches for Manufacturing

The Evolution of Production Lines

At Sustema, not only do we make great consoles for control centers, we also design, manufacture, and install workbenches that are used in various industries including IT, process control, and high-tech manufacturing environment. In this article, I will focus on our height-adjustable workbenches used in high-tech manufacturing.

Since the creation of assembly lines, industrial shelving and workbenches have been used to store tools and various equipment, allowing workers to perform their daily tasks. With today’s highly technological world, the assembly line has transformed itself, more so in the high-tech manufacturing sector, where the IT equipment is a necessary production tool, as well as electrical/air connectors, bin storage, and lighting/magnifying options, just to name a few.

Electric Height-Adjustable Workbenches (EHAW)

It may be practical for operators to be able to adjust the height of the work surface, when working with a heavy component to assemble, or simply to be able to perform the work standing, which is known to be healthier. Thanks to Sustema's high-end actuators and knowledge in designing height-adjustable desks, our benches can easily lift anywhere from 500 lbs up to more than 1500 lbs, depending on the structure of the workbench and the worksurface material.

There are also quite a few options to choose from for the work surface, typically we’ll provide a high-pressure laminate finish on a 1’’ high-density particleboard, but depending on your environment and requirement we can provide a wide range of finishes such as compact, high-pressure laminate with Chemtop, (for chemical resistance), Stainless steel or Dekton (for high-temperature resistance) and ESD mats.

Custom Features & Accessories

The structure and substructure of the work surface, as well as the backing, are all built out with a heavy-duty steel frame. You can choose from a wide variety of color options to make sure it fits the design you are going for. Just like our consoles, our adjustable workbenches series comes with a lifetime warranty because they are built just as strong.

If you decide to integrate a lot of electrical components to your bench, we can also take care of making your bench CSA certified. Since all the components are integrated into the bench directly, it makes it much easier to move and relocate the benches on your production floor in the future.

Design, Manufacturing & Installation

In conclusion, we can help you design the perfect workbench for your production line that will enhance productivity, team morale, and reduce the risk of accidents by providing a clutter-free and organized workspace. We will also take care of manufacturing the workbenches and installing them at your facility. Given that the possibilities are endless in terms of configuration and options, make sure to get in contact with your Sustema representative and start designing a workbench that will push your assembly line to the next level!


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