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What is an Emergency Operations Center?

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Definition

The emergency operations center (EOC) is a central facility responsible for analyzing and communicating key strategic information for decision making during critical or emergency situations. The goal is to ensure the continuity of operations of a government agency, company, political subdivision, or other organization. EOCs serve as the information hub and are responsible for passing information to both decision-makers and units on the field. EOCs can be found in many nations, at all government levels, as well as in larger corporations that deal with large equipment or numbers of employees, incorporations, and smaller jurisdictions.

Functions of the EOC

While EOCs do not normally directly manage field assets, they are responsible for analyzing data for the concerned sub-agencies and individuals. The five major functions of EOCs are command, planning, operations, logistics, and finance, each of which may be divided into sub-functional units.

  • Command: responsible for overall response management.

  • Operations: responsible for coordinating all operations to support the action plans.

  • Planning: responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information and for coordinating the development of the action plans.

  • Logistics: responsible for procuring facilities, services, personnel, equipment, and materials.

  • Finance/Administration: responsible for tracking incident costs and making forecasts, and payment of responders, contractors, and claims.

Designing the Emergency Operations Center

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