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What Is The Maximum Length Of A VGA Cable?

Maximum VGA Cable Length

Despite having a similar appearance and functionality, VGA cables often vary in terms of their benefits and limitations, especially when it comes to the maximum distance that they can transmit information accurately. So, what is it that makes some VGA cables better than others when it comes to their length? The answer varies depending on the following factors.

Factors Affecting The VGA Signal

  • The strength of the source

  • The product architecture (gauge, shielding, quality of copper wire)

  • The levels of electrical interference.

Since VGA cables use analog technology, it can technically travel dozens of meters without affecting the quality of its signal. It is a fairly simple technology with no data packets to decipher from one end to the other (digital technology). However, as distance increases the quality of the signal decreases which brings us the next question, what is the maximum length of a VGA cable without affecting the signal? The following list describes the recommended cable lengths depending on the desired resolution. 

Recommended VGA Cable Lengths

  • 100 feet: 800×600 

  • 50–100 feet: 1280×1024 & 1024×768

  • 25 feet: 1600×1200 & 1920×1200

However, every cable configuration and application is unique making it hard to provide an accurate length estimate. For instance, VGA cables could still function at up to 150 feet if properly shielded. Shielding protects the VGA cable signal from the electrical interference created by other devices. In order to counter the effects of electrical interference, organizations or professionals in mission-critical applications use boosters and equalizers to send VGA signals over long distances. 

VGA Boosters

A popular type of booster is the Cat5 wire (aka Ethernet wire) or Cat6 for even longer distances. The system is fairly affordable, simple to install, and has built-in equalizers and boosters. It can be plugged into the wall adding power to the signal further extending its reach.

  • VGA over CAT: The VGA over CAT5/6 extender kit can allow the transmission of 1024×768 up to 75 meters, and 640×480 up to 300 meters.

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