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Modernizing a 911 backup communications center

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

About our client, an internationally recognized police organization.

A police organization that employs more than 1,600 sworn officers and 600 civilians which is an internationally recognized policing leader. Their members serve one of the most diverse and fastest-growing communities in Canada, patrolling areas ranging from serene rural landscapes to urban cityscapes and ensuring the safety and security of residents who identify with more than 200 ethnic origins, practice more than 10 different religions and speak more than 16 unique languages.

About the project: Modernizing a 911 backup communications center

Modernizing a 911 backup communications center with custom dispatcher control consoles

Our client’s Backup Communications Centre needed updated consoles to meet the additional headcount and increasing technological demands. As such, the purpose of this new Communications Centre was to receive 911 calls from public phone networks and Police radio networks, this facility would also dispatch response services by radio to handle the emergency. The goal for this renovation was to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of future police service capability when and if a backup centre is required.

Much of the center was to be a call taking and dispatch area. The placement was twofold; to accommodate as many available stations as possible, and to encourage communication between call takers. The console setup was required to muffle sound where possible and provide each user with a personalized console that could change height, adjust temperature, and lighting to suit the individual user.

The Solution: Custom 911 Dispatch Control Consoles

We designed specific configurations to suit these different user preferences and roles within the Dispatch Centre. Our client needed different types of consoles for each role in the room, which in total are 3, one for the supervisors, another type for the dispatchers, and a different one for the call-takers.

Call taker control console:

911 call taker control console
Call taker console.

Dispatcher control console:

911 dispatcher control console
Dispatcher console.

Supervisor control console:

911 supervisor control console
Supervisor console.

All consoles have dual work surfaces, with plenty of space for peripherals and tools, and both surfaces are height adjustable. The worksurface features grommet holes and a monument system to access power and data, as well as urethane edging to prevent user fatigue. The monitor surface supports the heavy duty monitor post. To provide privacy the console features a wall system fitted with electrical raceways that are designed to help separate the cables by voltage. The wall system also features a slat wall, suited to mount more accessories like task lights, as well as some dividing panels on top of the wall system. The console is supported by a strong steel substructure, featuring cable paths and CPU enclosures with sliding trays. The cables connecting the CPU to the monitors run through a pair of cable chains to protect them while in motion. We designed the consoles to have more room for cables than specified, to assure easy access when needed and neat, clean looking. Additional space (thicker) in the wall has been designed to accommodate the quantity of cables needed.

Filing cabinets: To complement the supervisor console we designed a filing cabinet with 3 drawers, 2 with a drawer box height of 4 inches, and a third one with a box height of 10 inches. All of them with a box depth of 24 inches. Leaving a 4 inches space where the users can run cables to the grommet holes on the top surface.

The Result: A reliable, durable and efficient 911 backup communications center

911 dispatcher control consoles
Dispatcher control consoles.

A total of two Supervisors consoles, eight Dispatcher consoles, 20 Call takers consoles, 4 furniture filing cabinets, and 30 24/7 Grade 2 Fabric Task Chairs. Our client chose our consoles for their 911 Communications Center because they met all of their technical requirements and selection criteria, which included quality, durability, efficiency, and functionality. Today, this regional police organization boasts a state-of-the-art 911 dispatch control center that runs non-stop, thanks to our Transit and Focus console systems. Our consoles offer numerous ergonomic features that help reduce stress and fatigue for operators, such as the ability to adjust the height of each worksurface and the urethane edging that allows for comfortable use during long work hours. Not only have these features improved dispatcher health and well-being, but they have also increased workflow and productivity. Overall, our Transit and Focus console systems have exceeded our client’s expectations and has contributed significantly to the successful modernization of their 911 communications center.

Are you renovating your 911 communications center? We can help.

To achieve an organized, and secured 911 communications center, our furniture integrated advanced cable management solutions such as electrical raceways in the wall structure and enclosed CPU enclosures. As well as incorporating dual worksurfaces with height adjustability, our control consoles are designed to fit and adapt to our client's needs and specific requirements and not the other way around. Take the next step towards a secure and efficient 911 control room by partnering with us. Contact our team of specialists and industrial designers to work together on empowering your organization toward a safe and productive future that puts you in control and ahead of the competition. To stay up to date with our latest case studies and developments, be sure to follow our social media.


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