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Case Study: Kinectrics Lab Control Center

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The Project:

The distribution and asset management division of Kinectrics was tasked with creating a lab control room to execute a variety of customer applications. The new control room is a collaborative space where the engineers from Kinectrics can work directly with the end-users on their projects.

“We had used Sustema for the fit-out and installation of the furniture for our lab workstations. This happened during the COVID pandemic and the work required a bit of coordination and multiple deliveries. I found the support and communication from Sustema to be extremely quick, thorough and helpful. This included follow-ups on documentation associated with the equipment, as well as accounting for every screw and cable management part. We’re very happy with the end result.” - Donal Murray, Senior Engineer

Our Solution:

We were approached by Kinectrics to design a technical furniture solution for 6 people within a small room roughly the size of a shipping container. In our introductory meeting we were made aware of the following challenges and needs:

  1. Integrate height-adjustable work stations

  2. The comfort of the engineers and the adaptability of the work stations was a key decision factor

  3. Warranty and durability of the work stations were a key need

  4. Cable Management was required

  5. CPU Storage was required

  6. Personal Storage was required

  7. Access to power was requested on the surface

  8. Seating options were also requested

Once the needs were uncovered we met with our design to come up with a solution and drawing. We concluded that our height-adjustable Focus Series C-200 console could meet the needs of the client. The Focus was perfect for this application as it gives us flexibility and is specifically designed for IT critical environments just like the Kinectrics control room.

The Result:

Through collaboration with Nick and Garreth and serious consideration of multiple designs, we arrived at the perfect solution. What made our client feel confident was the fact we offered a lifetime warranty, made the consoles fit the room, and provided flexible and professional installation at the height Covid-19 pandemic. Here is what our client had to say about us directly a year after we installed this project.

“Mark was fantastic to work with. We had some changing requirements that came up through project execution and also needed a visit to the showroom to try out the chairs in COVID. Mark was most accommodating of it all. Sustema is excellent to work with. Would definitely recommend them and Mark.” - Garreth Coelho, Business Area Director, Distribution & Asset Management


About the Author

Mark Meschino

Account Manager | Sustema Inc.


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