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Control Room Console Cleaning & Maintenance

Specialized Control Room Console Cleaning Services

Control room environments and 911 dispatch center are at the heart of your organization and require specialized maintenance services. Debris, dust and germs can quickly build-up in and around consoles threatening employees safety and the overall to equipment performance. Sustema provides professional cleaning services of your consoles. Our team of experienced cleaners understand the intricate processes required for cleaning and maintaining control rooms with minimal to no impact on your operations to protecting your investment.


Console Cleaning

Professional disinfection and low dusting services to remove dirt and germ build up in and around consoles. 

Hinge Maintenance

24/7 use causes wear & tear over
time. Adjusting the hinges will
keep doors leveled & avoid gaps
between doors.

Cable Management

Proper cleaning and cable management allows for proper airflow in and around your equipment.

Console Leveling

Adjusting console legs, leveling
fixed and adjustable work
surfaces, aligning monitor arms
and much more.


Equipment Disinfection

Sanitizing keyboards, screens, phones and other electronic equipment using environment friendly agents.

General Repair & Report

Preventative maintenance creates
significant value for the life of
consoles. Detailed service report
for each console.

Benefits of SustemaCare

Sustema provides specialized cleaning solutions for control rooms, PSAPs and other 9-1-1 dispatch centers. We apply strict safety standards and take additional site-specific training to ensure we meet your safety protocols. Our team of certified cleaners and installers understand the intricate processes required for cleaning and maintaining control rooms. Contact us to maximize efficiency and longevity of your control room consoles.

Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

Improved equipment efficiency
Security cleared cleaning teams 
Increased ROI of your consoles
Cable management optimization

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

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