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The Best Medical Desks & Radiology Workstations - Made in North-America

Ergonomic Workstations for Healthcare Facilities

Radiologists need the best available tools to make an effective and efficient diagnosis, and it all starts with the quality and design of the medical and radiology workstations where they work on. Radiologists are invariably at their desks, creating the need for ergonomic workstations that include personal adjustable heights and equipment compatibility, such as storage for CPUs and other medical devices. Sustema's medical workstations integrate various programmable presets for your preferred sitting and standing positions to make the workday more comfortable.

At Sustema, we pride ourselves on offering ergonomic radiology desk setups for medical imaging that can enhance diagnostic capabilities by showing the full spectrum of images in a convenient and comfortable manner. We offer a one-stop-shopping solution for furniture, designing, manufacturinging, installing and training your staff to get the most out of their investment.

Height-Adjustable Radiology Desk

Sustema's ergonomic imaging workstation solutions are purpose-built for healthcare professionals. They transform any radiology reading environment and provide the foundation of a healthy environment that fosters productivity, comfort, and good health in the hospital/clinic.

  1. Customized Workstation Styles & Dimensions: Facilitates the efficient utilization of room space.

  2. Dual Surface Height-Adjustability: Electric controls for easy adjustment of any display configuration while maintaining their position.

  3. Integrated Cable Management: Data and power raceways to operate CPUs, monitors, and equipment. Integrated surface monuments, power bars and

  4. Fits Multiple (6+) CPU Monitors: Easy adjustable and scalable system for additional monitors.

  5. Secured CPU Enclosures & Storage Space: Sliding shelves for easy CPU accessibility/troubleshooting, thermostatic active fans and ventilated enclosures.

Over the years, Sustema has maintained its position as a leading designer and manufacturer of a diverse line of high-quality control room technical furniture, conference tables, workbenches, medical and PACS workstations. Our ergonomic radiology furniture designs and quality craftsmanship, coupled with excellent value and customer service have enabled us to serve our customers for over 25 years.


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