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The 3 most popular consoles in PSAP

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The importance of control consoles in public safety answering points (PSAP)

A control console is to the dispatcher what a patrol car is for the police officer. And, since every control room is unique, many public safety answering points (PSAP) implement our consoles in different ways to address their needs and requirements. In this article we will explore the three most popular control console models that are operating right now throughout North America, starting from number 3, and making our way to the most popular choice for 911 control consoles. Note that all of our consoles are made from steel. All of the CPU enclosures and framing are made of steel, which means that every hinge, panel, and sliding tray are made of steel as well, making all of them heavy-duty and durable. So, what we are going to be focusing on this article, are the shape and the design features of each of the consoles.

Transit S Cockpit Console

The third most popular choice for 911 dispatch and call taking is the Transit S Cockpit Console, measuring at an impressive 101 inches by 43 inches, boasts a cutting-edge 120° cockpit design that maximizes operator efficiency and ergonomics. This double-surfaced console incorporates the power of four robust electric actuators, each providing substantial lift capability with a total load capacity exceeding 500 lbs per worksurface. Additionally, it offers the convenience of two CPU storage enclosures, plus an additional large storage space, enhancing its adaptability to accommodate a wealth of IT equipment and easy access to it.

The Transit S Cockpit Console is thoughtfully engineered for 24/7 application in public safety answering points, and its width and depth can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, making it a versatile and highly customizable choice for the most demanding PSAP environments.

As cable management goes, power and data cables run through electrical raceways that cover the entire wall surfaces of the CPU’s enclosures. To account for the height adjustability issue, the console features a cable chain system that routes the cables from the work surface to the CPU enclosure. Ensuring that the vertical movement of the surface doesn’t cause any cable pulling or interruption.

This console’s cable management capabilities are preferred by PSAP operators but also by air traffic control centers looking for a clean and efficient aesthetic, as you can see on our previous project with Aerostar, where the console’s cable management solutions integrated with the raised floor of the room.

Air traffic control console room layout
The Transit S cable management solutions are also a favorite of air traffic controllers.

Linear Transit M

The Transit M Linear Console, a key contender among the Transit M Series, has earned its spot as the second most popular choice for 911 dispatcher consoles, thanks to its prowess in mission-critical environments and its exceptional ability to optimize floor space. This console serves as the perfect solution for organizations like CAUCA, keen on maximizing their call center's efficiency while making the most of available real estate.

This console has a robust two-tiered design that effortlessly accommodates up to eight monitors (24 inches) across two levels, all powered by the formidable 1200N electric actuators that grant a lift capacity exceeding 500 lbs per worksurface. Mounted ingeniously on a space-saving wall system, the Model M also seamlessly incorporates CPU enclosures on both sides, ensuring smooth integration of vital IT equipment. This adaptability extends to customizable width and depth options, allowing precise tailoring to your operational requirements.

Organizations looking to improve their work environment by optimizing the consoles footprint and increasing user comfort can rely on the Linear Transit M’s versatility. This console uses a minimal footprint to allow for future expansion on the control center. The increased comfort for users means moving towards a lighter, neater, and more streamlined 911 dispatch center.

Transit M Corner

The Transit M Corner Console stands as the paramount choice among public safety answering points, exemplifying excellence in design and functionality. As part of the esteemed Transit M Series, it is purpose-built for the relentless demands of 24/7 applications.

This heavy-duty console's prowess is showcased by its remarkable capacity to accommodate up to 10 monitors across two tiers, for peak situational awareness. Powered by 1200N robust electric actuators, each boasting a lift capacity exceeding 500 lbs per worksurface, it ensures seamless adjustability and ergonomic support for operators working long shifts. Mounted on a wall system and equipped with CPU enclosures on both sides, the Model M Corner Console exemplifies adaptability and integration, with a keen focus on supporting intensive IT equipment needs. What truly sets it apart is its customizable nature, allowing you to tailor its dimensions precisely to your operational requirements.

The Transit M Corner Console, with its expansive 80x80-inch cockpit design, double surface layout, four actuators, and two wall sections, has become the pinnacle of efficiency and versatility in the realm of public safety answering points, providing a cutting-edge solution that elevates performance and productivity.

Are you remodelling your center? We can help.

When it comes to choosing the ideal control console for your public safety answering point, the Transit M Series offers a remarkable array of options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's the efficient cable management solutions of the Transit S Cockpit Console, the space-saving design and customization potential of the Linear Transit M, or the unparalleled performance and adaptability of the Transit M Corner Console, these consoles are engineered for the rigorous demands of 24/7 operations.

The success stories of organizations like CAUCA and the Mont-Tremblant Emergency Center testify to the transformative impact of these consoles on operational efficiency and operator well-being. If you're ready to explore how these cutting-edge console solutions can elevate your PSAP, we invite you to chat with us today. Our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect console solution to enhance your public safety operations. Let's embark on this journey together and empower your team to perform at its best.



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