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Telemetry Desk & Imaging Console Furniture Guide 2021

Professional Healthcare Furniture Solutions

1) What is a Telemetry Desk?

Definition: Telemetry desks refer to the furniture found inside telemetry labs where several technicians sit remotely at desks monitoring anywhere from 6-8 monitors viewing the vital signs of their patients. Recently, hospitals have been transitioning from monitoring patients' vital signs at the nurse’s station to specialized labs within their hospital. The goal is to centralize information and improve monitoring so that in the event that a patient’s vital signs move out of an acceptable range, technicians can quickly diagnose and alert the nurse’s station.

2) What is an Imaging Workstation?

Definition: Imaging workstations or consoles are found in medical imaging centers or specialized units within hospitals. Imaging consoles are used in these facilities by board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists who specialize in diagnostic and preventative medicine. Imaging consoles are often mounted with multiple screens to facilitate the analysis of patient information. A medical imaging center offers a variety of diagnostic scans and tools to help protect your health and detect disease at the earliest stages.

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Furniture Fundamentals of Designing a Telemetry Lab

In hospitals and medical centers, telemetry lab spaces are often set up with numerous groups of computer monitors where the technicians can monitor their patients. Medical professionals work on fixed prefabricated desks or benches. This can result in a lack of efficiency due to the uncomfortable workstations and a load of complaints from the staff.

For this reason, planning to build or update your imaging or telemetry room requires an understanding of the design criteria and best ergonomic practices before getting started. Sustema's professional team of industrial designers, installers, and customer support staff will work alongside you every step of the way.

Some considerations include not only the ergonomics of the desks but also their functionality. For this type of situation, the desks need to accommodate multiple CPU monitors, power and data cables, telephones, printers, barcode scanners, keyboards, mice, KVM switches, speakers, and routers. The desks also need to properly handle the weight of all necessary equipment, be able to provide vertical and focal depth monitor adjustment and be able to raise and lower their surfaces to fit any individual.

Telemetry and Imaging Room Design Checklist

The process of selecting a radiology imaging desk furniture manufacturer may seem overwhelming at first but Sustema's team is here to guide you throughout the process.

Here is a question checklist to start narrowing down the basics

  1. How many people will be using this room on average?

  2. Has the hospital or your facility assigned a project manager or an architect?

  3. Has an ergonomist approved your project?

  4. Are there work-related injuries that need to be addressed?

  5. What are the current issues with the room?

  6. What is your budget?

  7. What is your timeline?

  8. What equipment will be used on the desk?

  9. Where is the power coming from?

  10. Is this a new build or a remodel?

These are all great questions to ask yourself and your team which will help you clarify the functionality of the room and its impact on the work of doctors and nurses using the room. This will also be beneficial when the time comes to talk with furniture manufacturers.

Who Should Be Involved in The Project?

In many healthcare environments, the opportunity to purchase high-quality radiology furniture comes but once a decade. To get it right, be sure to consult all interested parties regarding your selection of furniture manufacturer. Choose durable, future-proof furniture design that will adapt to rapid changes in imaging technology that can also accommodate users of varying sizes. Before you rush to pick your favorite console color, consider these critical factors to make sure you choose well and choose for the long term. To determine the best fit for all your radiology “stakeholders,” make sure you meet and get feedback from your radiologists, purchasing department, IT department, and administration.

How Much Do Radiology Imaging Desks & Telemetry Consoles Cost?

Most healthcare professionals know the advantages of doing their work at a high-quality, height-adjustable workstation. The best radiology and imaging desk furniture not only delivers optimum comfort but also enables greater coordination and collaboration among the team. So, how much do radiology desk and imaging workstations cost? Radiology imaging desks can cost anywhere from $4,999 - $19,999+. The price will be determined by the level of customization and features needed on the console.

Feature Examples:

  • Dual-surface height adjustment

  • User height pre-sets

  • Focal depth adjustment for monitors

  • USB connection trough for convenient keyboard and mice connection

  • Personal climate control heaters and lights, cooling fan at the desk

  • LED task lighting

  • Premium cable management

  • USB and power outlets on the desk surface

  • Side work surfaces

  • Paperwork storage

What Should be Included in a Radiology Imaging Furniture Quote?

When receiving quotes for new telemetry and radiology imaging desks, console manufacturers should include all the feature costs, installation fees, timelines, plans. Other things to include are as follow:

  • Payment terms

  • Freight costs and fees

  • Installation and labor costs and fees

  • Applicable warranty breakdown

Console Manufacturer Turnkey Solutions, From Design to Installation

At the end of the day, building a lasting professional relationship with your furniture manufacturer is the key to completing the ideal telemetry room. Sustema has the experience and can help guide you through the process. The end goal should be to provide the nurses and doctors with a telemetry lab that serves both their needs and the patients’ best interests. Sustema offers a team of professionals to handle every detail of your project from start to finish including:

  • Free Interior design space planning, measuring, and consultation to make sure your space meets current ADA and fire code clearances.

  • Experienced Sustema employed installers.

  • A friendly, dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

  • In-house manufacturing and warranty.

Sustema has over 25 years of experience in the industry designing and manufacturing custom-made consoles for 24/7 applications. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or services at



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