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Control Room Console Review - Focus C-200 Series

Focus C-200 Series:

In this video, Derek Dugas, account manager at Sustema Inc. presents the features of the Focus C-200 console. The Focus console has been designed specifically for mission-critical operations and IT-intensive environments. The console has many available options and features engineered to meet the needs of 24/7 control room environments.

Console Overview:

The Focus console presented in this video is the 72" EHAT console, meaning that it is the electric height-adjustable model. This model, in particular, is the dual surface console, with separate keyboard and monitor surfaces to adjust the height on two levels. The Focus console is also available with a single height-adjustable surface. The Focus console integrates a 38" wall, which also comes in 24", 50", and 72" formats. The benefit of having a higher wall system is its capability to support multiple monitors to create an integrated "video wall" system for security or monitoring purposes.

Monitor Arms:

When it comes to monitors, no two organizations have the same requirements. In order to recommend the right solution for your application, it is important to have a good understanding of the type, size, and quantity of monitors that will be used on the workstation. With this information, Sustema's team of industrial designers can design a monitor configuration that is going to improve comfort and ergonomics for operators using that workstation. On this particular Focus console, the 5 monitor arms are supported by a single column and attached to the rail system on a pyramid configuration. This setup is designed to support up to 27" monitors. The rail system enables control rooms to grow the system over time, making it easy to add more monitors and adapt to new technology.


The MHO system provides easy access to power and data directly within the workstation itself. In this console model, the monument includes two power ports, two USB ports, and an open port to add on. It is also possible to integrate HDMI, VGA, or Ethernet ports depending on the technical needs of your organization.

Grommet Holes:

Another feature that can be integrated into the work surface is grommet holes. Grommet holes can be placed on any location of the work surface or on the monitor surface as well. Grommet holes are made to manage cables from keyboards, mouses, and other equipment to reduce clutter. Grommet holes can also be adapted to integrate fans as a cooling system for operators.

Work Surface:

As mentioned earlier, the console is designed with two height-adjustable surfaces made from high-pressure laminate in a wood finish to better withstand 24/7 use. The surface edge integrates the T-molding edging. Other options include the waterfall urethane and bullnose edging.


For this console, the control panel commonly known as keypads controls the height of both the work surface and the monitor surface. To adjust the height, you simply need to press the up or down arrows. Users are able to program their preferred height with up to four memory presets. The display also shows the height in inches for future reference.

CPU Enclosures:

Underneath the base of the console, the Focus model can integrate secured CPU enclosures with perforated metal to allow for the circulation of the air and prevent overheating. The CPU shelves are also available with a rail system for easier access.

Wall System:

The wall system integrated multiple features and capabilities to maximize efficiency in the control center. For instance, the top of the wall can integrate a grooved or flat surface. The grooved surface is designed to mount protective plexiglass barriers, privacy panels, or aesthetic glass finishing panels. The slatwall itself allows users to mount accessories such as status lights, lamps, computer shelves, and holders. The wall system in itself has also been designed as a sophisticated cable management solution. Rear panels can be removed easily to instant access to power and data cables when troubleshooting. The wall system integrated power channels as well as data channels to keep everything clean and organized.

Lifting Columns/Actuators:

The lifting columns or actuators give each surface a little over 500 pounds of load-bearing capabilities. Behind each of the actuators, you can find cable chains, which allow for cable management and ensures that nothing gets unplugged as the surfaces go up or down.

If you have any questions or would like to book a virtual showroom tour, please feel free to reach out to us at or by phone at 1-800-455-8450. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can!

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