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Case Study: Cauca

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


The Centrale des Appels d'Urgence Chaudière-Appalaches (CAUCA) is a nonprofit organization specialized in managing emergency calls for fire, medical, and municipal services. CAUCA provides services for over 1.7 million citizens, covering over 560 municipalities across the province of Quebec, Canada. CAUCA has recently opened a new 911 center in the region of Mont-Tremblant, bringing the organization to a total of 150 employees, including 95 dispatchers.

Sustema supplies fifteen (15) consoles in the Mont-Tremblant Emergency Center for Centrale des Appels d'Urgence Chaudière-Appalaches.

The Project

CAUCA decided to open a second call center with the objective to increase its operational capacity by adding more flexibility in the case of extreme climate events while also pursuing the expansion of their services. When the decision was made to move forward with this project, Sustema was selected as the console provider among multiple manufacturers. The timeline to deliver this project was respected and delivered on time as agreed by both parties.

CAUCA’s desire to improve the work environment by optimizing the consoles footprint and increasing user comfort were imperatives for the success of the project. Each console station had to support as many as six (6) 24” monitors, be configure in wors of three (3) workstations, while using minimal footprint to allow for future expansion. Increased comfort for users meant moving towards a lighter, neater, and more streamlined console. A console offering electric height-adjustability capable of adapting to the user’s morphology in just a matter of seconds.

Due to pandemic restrictions, Sustema was tasked to develop custom plexiglass protective shields to provide a safe environment for operators. The protective panels had to be transparent in order to promote collaboration and also be easily removable for when restrictions will be lifted. Moreover, the workstations had to be easily accessible for IT personnel to reach the CPUs and electronic equipment underneath the console while also offering maximum foot clearance for dispatchers.

The Console

Design: With the help of Sustema’s team of industrial designers, multiple layouts and configurations were drawn, evaluated, and discussed with CAUCA to find the optimal solution. The chosen model was a Linear Transit M console. The dual height-adjustable surfaces on the Transit M console combined with the heavy-duty steel base provide the required sturdiness to last multiple years while also enhancing ergonomics for the users. The workstation is attached to a wall system providing cable management capabilities to store power and data cables, offering extra support, and enhancing the overall design of the console.

Manufacturing: Once the final design was signed and approved, the manufacturing process began and consoles were sent into production. Before shipping consoles to the client's facility, each part and component was preinstalled and tested for quality assurance at our manufacturing facility.

Installation: Once consoles were ready, Sustemas team of certified installers did the whole installation over the course of two days. Today, the site is fully operational and is an example of a success story where Functionality, Design, Technology, and Synergy meet.

About Sustema

Sustema Inc. has 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing technical furniture for 24/7 mission-critical and IT-intensive work environments. Started as a cable integration company, Sustema now offers a wide variety of custom technical furniture products such as control room consoles, dispatch consoles, technology tables, technical workbenches, training desks, and trading workstations. Let us know how we can help with your next project!


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