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How Sustema and Byrne Deliver Critical Power

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

"When it comes to powerfully important work like this, access to power where and how you need it is critical too."

For people who spend their workdays (or nights) in a call center – especially 911 operators – the physical and emotional toll this work can take is high. These individuals are always on, working to collect key details from a caller while employing their skills to communicate authority, understanding, and reassurance. They have to work quickly and precisely, entering all needed information into a computer-aided dispatch system (CADS) and routing the call to the appropriate dispatcher or service agency.

Given the undeniable stress of the position, it’s crucial that these individuals have all the support they need to be able to perform at their best. Sustema is a pivotal part of that support. Sustema offers in-house design, consultation, and manufacturing of ergonomic consoles for environments like these. They address the wants and needs of call center workers on all levels – from ergonomics, technology, and AV demands, to functionality and design. Sustema is proud to make the dispatch consoles that serve as critical 911 support stations where failure is simply not an option.

When Sustema reached out to Byrne, they were looking for a partner to help ensure quick, easy power access for vital work technologies. And personal devices too. After all, in challenging environments like these, the ability to also recharge and connect with loved ones can make a big difference. When it came to powerful connections, Sustema knew Byrne was the company to call.

Byrne delivers a wide range of meaningful power and data solutions to help customers better connect to what’s important. From office, hospitality, and educational spaces to environments like these, they approach every challenge with 50 years of experience, innovative thinking, and state-of-the-art manufacturing behind them.

After researching project needs and asking the important questions, Byrne chose their in-surface Mho® power and data outlet for the Sustema call center spaces. With clean lines and a one-touch retractable door design, Mho allowed for easy power access when needed and a clutter-free surface when closed away. Mho’s rugged aluminum construction also made it a smart choice for hard-wearing, dependable power that stands up to repeated use.

Sustema says, “Having a Byrne monument built into our console surface is something we trust to do the job in any critical situation.” At Byrne, they take power very seriously. The team at Sustema takes the work they do seriously too. But in the end, this partnership is all about supporting the serious work of these 911 call center operators. If the products Byrne and Sustema provide are able to make that work smarter, safer, and a little bit easier, it’s a win for everyone.


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